GTECH management consulting is a group of professionals with extensive experiences in software engineering, development, and project management. Each of us has played significant roles in enterprise-scale Lean, Agile transformation – technology, process, and leadership.

We work with an organization to achieve business results by systematically building these pillars:
• Engineering practices that enable rapid delivery of high-quality software
• Management processes that ensure frequent collaboration, inspection, and adaptation
• A collective culture that encourages continuous improvement, system thinking and taking accountability

We believe that well-trained capable people can push ideas and ambitions into existence. Let your associates drive business value by giving them the right tools. A company cannot succeed without skilled, engaged associates.


Client Testimonials

Senior Project Manager, PMO

Honestly, I think you were great – you listened and did due diligence, challenging appropriately and pushing the teams to evolve. Your style was strong, yet you built a great relationship with us. You know your stuff and can transfer the knowledge effectively. I have really enjoyed learning from you, and I think what you did with this team was transformative!!

Sr. Business Analyst

Our business partners are really going to appreciate the agile framework.  It’s going to allow them more visibility into our workload, and better control of priorities than they have ever experienced before.

We will miss you and your positive attitude more than you know!  ….  And thank you for making this into a delightful process for all of us!  I look forward to seeing you quarterly and hope to report good news back to you.  Thank you for everything!!

System Lead

Thank you again for everything!  You really worked hard to make AGILE work for everyone, especially the PDC.  I saw all of the efforts and thought you put into helping the team work together— you showed you really cared. It was an amazing learning experience, and I’m glad you were our coach!