Agile Project Management

Date:  January 2018
Place: Columbus Ohio

In today’s technology disrupted world, Agile method has been widely adopted to increase team performance and improve customer satisfaction. An adaptive project delivery framework is proven to increase the likelihood of a project's success.

On the other hand, create an adaptive framework is not just merely to adopt a process. Many companies or PMOs are challenged with different project patterns, technology stacks, operation culture and stakeholder demands.

This Agile Project Management course is designed to understand the changing role and method of project management in an enterprise. It addresses the current paradigm and transformational shifts that have to happen in order to yield successful results. This hands on course helps you build a solid knowledge and practical tool set, offers valuable techniques and approaches for a successful Agile environment.
Releasing with Agile

PMI Professional Development Day 
Date:  November 3, 2017
Place: Columbus, Ohio 

With evolving technology, emerging requirement, expedited delivery, and competitive pricing, the game of building software is changed. The “role” of managing project may be named differently at the different company -- delivery leader, engagement manager, app owner, etc.  The “function” of managing project is more challenging but essential than before. Let’s face it. Most projects involve multiple teams and many technical dependencies. Companies bounded by regulations and governing contracts, a project manager has to survive mixed delivery methods and various level of agile maturity. Some take quite a bit effort/techniques to get sufficient information to effectively manage the project. 

In this talk, we will discuss agile principles from planning aspects and share the techniques to apply these principles to project when teams come with different delivery methods and dependencies.